• Master Thesis Projects
    We are always looking for curious and highly motivated students that are interested in joining our lab for a master thesis project. Possible projects are, for example, to investigate how interneurons in the hippocampus are mediating vulnerability and resilience to stress across the life-span and how oscillatory brain activity is is gearing brain networks for anxiety and emotional memory formation. In our research, we are combining different approaches ranging from behavioral assays, electrophysiological field recordings, expression analysis on the protein and mRNA level as well as state-of the art tools for manipulating molecules and circuits in vivo (e.g. DREADDs, knock down of target molecules by viral vectors, pharmacology).
    If you are curious about understanding molecules and brain circuits related to memory, anxiety and stress coping and if you are looking for working in a vibrant, international research team then do not hesitate to contact us.Please contact Petra Karpf.
  • Bachelor projects and Lab rotations are available. Please contact Petra Karpf.