We congratulate Dr. Gürsel Caliskan to the new CBBS Network “CBBS circuits”, which will start in January 2020.


Dr. Gürsel Caliskan: Bottom-up modulation of hippocampal engrams via sustained amygdalar activity, together with Dr. Guilherme Gomez (Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology) and Dr. Anne Stellmacher (Institute for Pharmacology and Toxicology).

The CBBS network project aims to investigate the dynamics of engram formation in the hippocampus during normal and pathological conditions using state-of-the-art technologies that allow circuit intervention. We will perform in vivo/in vitro electrophysiological analysis to investigate oscillatory and metaplastic processes that support engram formation/stability and combine this approach with engram-specific proteomic analysis. Specifically, we will focus on a well-defined circuit (DG-CA3) in the hippocampus that is crucial for pattern separation/completion function and systematically evaluate dynamic changes in hippocampal computation under high amygdalar activity.