Storklab contributes to three projects in the new Collaborative Research Center (CRC1436): “Neural Resources of Cognition”

The new CRC1436 “Neural Resources of Cognition”, which has been approved by the German Research Foundation on November 30th, will start its work on January 1st, 2021. Info at :ät/Im+Portrait/Profilierungsschwerpunkte/Forschung+_+Transfer/PM+63_2020-p-110490.html

Storklab participates in three projects of this CRC:

Project A07 (together with Prof. Dr. Dr. Anne Albrecht, Institute for Anatomy) –  Orexinergic modulation of neural resource

Project Z01 (together with Dr. Michael Kreutz, Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology and Prof. Dr. Frank Angenstein, German Center for Neurodegenertive Diseases) – Functional neural circuit analysis and small animal imaging in vivo

Project IRTG (together with Prof. Dr. Toemme Noesselt, Institute of Psychology) – Integrated Research Training Group

We are looking forward to these exciting collaborations!