Tapati Roy, BSc

Education: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2016.

Contact Information: Email: tapati.roy@st.ovgu.de

About myself:  I have started my Master’s thesis in this lab from 15th July, 2022. The topic of my thesis is ‘Analysis of GABAergic and activity markers in different brain regions of DBRAF mutant mice’. This mice group has hyperactivating mutations of the BRAF in the GABAergic interneurons. BRAF is a gene that encodes a protein called B-Raf which plays a role in regulating the RAS-extracellular signaling pathway. The RAS-ERK signaling pathway modulates the management of developmental processes including cell growth, proliferation and differentiation in the central nervous system. So, I am trying to explore the effect of this mutation on GABAergic interneurons by analyzing the expression of molecular markers for GABAergic interneurons such as Parvalbumin, Calretinin and Somatostatin. For this I am doing cryosectioning, immunohistochemistry and microscopic imaging. Beside this, I am also interested in learning and memory process and neurodegenerative diseases.