Jeimmy Cerón

I joined the lab as a PhD student in August 2020. I am a Psychologist and Master in Psychology from Bogotá, Colombia. My main research interests are related to the study of the mechanisms and modulators of behavior and memory consolidation, as well as the effects of stress on cognitive processes. My current research at the lab focuses on the behavioral characterization of different mouse lines with hyper-activating mutations of the Ras/Raf pathway in GABAergic interneurons, posteriorly aiming to analyze the intracellular signaling mechanisms associated with such behavioral phenotypes.


  • BSc in Psychology, National University of Colombia, Bogotá campus, 2011.
  • MSc in Psychology. National University of Colombia, Bogotá campus. 2016.

Contact information

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  • Cerón, J., Troncoso, J. (2016). Facial nerve injuries cause changes in central nervous system microglial cells. Biomédica, 36(4), 619-631.
  • Tarazona, O., Cerón, J., Lamprea, M. (2013). Effects of exposure to an acute social stress protocol on systemic levels of cortisol and on the execution of a sustained and divided attention task. Colombian Journal of Psychology, 22(2), 347-360.


BMBF Network GeNeRARe, subproject 8: GABAergic neurocognitive defects in mouse RASopathy models

PI: Prof. Dr. Oliver Stork