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Gürsel Çalışkan, Ph.D.


I am a postdoctoral researcher since August-2014 in our research group. I am interested in combining different approaches including electrophysiology, behavior and pharmacogenetics to tackle some of the challenging and exciting questions in stress- and fear-related research field. Specifically, my current project deals with the state-dependent role of parvalbumin-positive interneurons in fear memory (re)-consolidation in relation to network activity modulation in the ventral hippocampus.

B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Genetics, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey 2006
M.Sc. in Medical Neurosciences, Humboldt University, Charité Medical Faculty, Berlin, Germany 2008
Ph.D. in Medical Neurosciences, Humboldt University, Charité Medical Faculty, Berlin, Germany 2015

Contact information
E-mail: guersel.caliskan[at]ovgu.de
Telephone: +49(391)-67 55108


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